Bristol Bike Fest 2018

LVIS had a great day of sun, mtbing and dusty trails with cider to wash it all down.

Competing in the Steve Worland ride singletrack hard & drink a swig of cider per lap memorial cup 2018 at the Bristol Bike Fest, the LVIS team of Leon, Nathan and Mark took a decisive lead on the start (Nathan downing a pint of cider in record time) which they never relinquished. The second team of Andy, Tom and Dylan took a rather more steady approach but happily continued an LVIS tradition of racing the event on unsuitable bikes (rigid singlespeed, enduro, plus and CX). Ian also raced in another team showing off the Riders on the Storm kit, while setting the 6th fastest lap of the event. Tom took the ‘fastest lap by a rider with knee pads’ trophy.






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