Vegas rules the waves (again)

Vet’s Head 20th March 2016


An eclectic mix of oarsmen gathered at Putney for the inaugural race of the now fully bona fide LVIS Boat Club.  The crew included a German, a rugby player, a short man, a man who doesn’t eat any vegetables and a ginger man, they were more than ably assisted by an ex Pink Palace stern pair and northern coxwain.  Also, due to Oz’s recent alcohol/scooter related rib injury, Mr Hamish Crow made an overdue return to Tideway following his Jackson Trophy winning row…in 1993.



In slightly less disruptive conditions than the preceding day at “Junior HORR” the crew gave a plucky performance given it’s fairly scratch nature; bringing a final result of 10thoverall and 2nd in category (Masters B); beaten only by crews of either younger Thames/Imperial College types or GB/Blue Boat/Tideway legends.

A successful first outing for the shiny new purple and gold lycra; further events in the summer months are being shortlisted currently.  Those interested in racing and/or adding to their lycra collection should get in touch with Oz or Al.






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