Lap the Lough 2014

With the huge success that was the Giro in Ireland recently behind them, the organisers of the Lap the Lough took the unprecedented step of ensuring a day without rain for the 2014 Lap.

Riders unused to dry roads all day didn’t quite know what to do with themselves and didn’t crash or have to shelter from the traditional downpours. Speeds were high and the small but intrepid LVIS team of Neil and Dylan took to the roads with a couple of locals riders and their club, Team Madigan.


The group clearly didn’t want to hang around and after a first hour averaging almost 22mph, splits were appearing in the group with Dylan deciding that discretion would definitely be the better part of valour in this instance while Neil was determined to stick with the group.

Some yoyoing between groups along with quick stops meant that Dylan, Neil and the rest of Team Madigan set off from the final refueling stop at around 3/4 distance together but the series of hills (“bastard hills” being the technical term) shortly after meant the group quickly split again with Dylan and Neil eventually leaving Team Madigan to their high speed antics and finishing off at a steady but decent pace.







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